Why You May Need a Certified Arborist Report


There are many reasons as to why you may require a document from a tree surgeon. In essence, a certified arborist report acts as a testament on the safety and value of a tree on your property. Whether you want a tree removed from your personal, residential property or commercial business land, documentation from a tree surgeon can go a long way in ensuring that your tree removal is authorized and removed. Furthermore, such a document also includes a wide array of information that could be beneficial to the public and the local government when making decisions concerning the environment.


Likelihood of tree removal

Put simply, having a certified arborist report will be integral in determining whether your claim to have a tree removed from your property is successful. In some instances, it can be a deciding factor in granting council permission for the removal of the tree, foliage or shrub.


Moreover, having a tree removed could be really important in terms of improving the safety of an environment for the local community and tourists. Therefore, it is of great importance that a certified arborist report is developed when trying to make a claim with your local council to have a tree removed.


Major construction activities

Furthermore, a certified arborist report can sometimes be required when approving major construction works. In essence, the tree surgeon analyses the entire surrounding natural vegetation to ensure that the construction work will not significantly harm the natural environment. From this, the tree doctor will prepare a strategic report consisting of the various reasons to remove or secure the immediate trees, along with suggested measures as to how to ensure this takes place safely.


Management and conservation strategies

Managing the natural environment is a key component in guaranteeing that the surrounding community is safe and secure. However, it is also important to conserve natural resources and protect the environment, given the dwindling level of resources and increasing levels of pollution. Balancing this can be somewhat complex. Having a certified arborist report can help orient an efficient tree management strategy that can improve environmental sustainability, while improving the quality of local communities.


Generally, a document from a tree doctor will outline how to preserve specific tree species, while minimising the risk of tree collapses. This reduces the harm of such collapses on the public and community infrastructure. This can be specifically applied to public areas that generally have a lot of foot traffic and interest, like parks, schools and ovals. A certified arborist report may outline several key strategies, including pest control treatment, how to efficiently condition soil and removing hazardous trees.


A tree risk evaluation

A certified arborist report also includes what is known as a tree risk evaluation. Essentially, this is a detailed assessment of all the trees on your property, followed by a risk rating factor for each tree. Indeed, a tree surgeon will consider a variety of factors when formulating this rating, including: the species of the trees, the condition and type of soil in the area, the trees’ relative proximity to power lines, deterioration of the landscape, any obvious infrastructure faults and whether there are any notable pests in the area.


Like construction work, a tree risk assessment offers information as to which methods could be utilised to remove the trees safely, given the nature of the surrounding environment.


Tree pruning tips

A certified arborist report also outlines different guidelines for tree pruning and maintaining the health of your garden so as to prevent overgrowth and decay. This can be really important, since many local councils often list different guidelines for tree maintenance.

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