Common Signs that You Need to Buy Some Prescription Glasses


Our vision is one of the most essential natural gifts that we have that most of us take for granted. As great as human eyes are, many of us experience difficulties that affect our ability to see things clearly and at this point we often require a pair of prescription glasses.

You can get prescription glasses in a wide variety of frames, styles and lenses, allowing you to combine functionality with aesthetic style in a way that suits your personal preferences. However, many people needlessly struggle with poor eyesight because they don’t know that they qualify for a pair of prescription glasses.

Let’s take a look at the most common signs that you should invest in a pair of prescription glasses:


You have trouble reading signs/boards at a distance

One of the most common reasons that people buy prescription glasses is that they have a long-distance eyesight problem. This means that they struggle to clearly make out words and symbols at distances that aren’t a problem for others.

If you notice that you strain to read the board at school or during work meeting or that you can’t properly make out road signs ahead of you then it’s a sign you need to see an optometrist. Not only is this issue affecting your ability to comprehend important information, but it can potentially cause accidents while you’re driving.

In many jurisdictions, it’s actually against the law to drive without specs if you have an eyesight issue, so it’s prudent that you investigate any issues you may have.

Not only is straining your eyes to see things inconvenient, it actually hurts your vision even more.

The great thing about these kinds of specs is that you don’t need to wear them all the time, only when driving or when you need to read something as a distance, such as when watching a movie. This is great if you’re self-conscious about you’re look with glasses and prefer not to wear them normally.

eyeglasses and a book

Affecting school/job performance

As mentioned above, having a vision problem can impede your ability to read and identify things in a timely manner. At school, this could mean that you struggle to see the lecture board unless you sit in the front row (which may not always be possible) which can have an effect on your grades. Similarly, not being able to read things properly in work environment can potentially cause costly delays and even dangerous accidents.

Obviously, nobody wants to employ someone who routinely makes mistakes or works slowly because they’re halfway-blind, especially if they could simply buy some prescription glasses to solve the issue.

If you want to perform your best at school or work and reap the rewards of doing so, you need to make sure you’re not impeded by poor eyesight. It would really suck if you fell behind in an assignment or missed out on a promotion because of poor performance related to your eyesight.


Your sitting too close to the TV/computer screen

Another really common sign that you need a pair of proper specs is when you find yourself sitting unnaturally close to your TV or computer screen. This is a result of you naturally compensating for problems with your eyesight.

However, sitting too close to a big, glaring screen will damage your eyesight even more. This is particularly true for office workers who may be required to stare at the same close screen for long periods at a time.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to identify when you need to go and invest in some prescription glasses. If you experience any of the above issues, then you should go see an optometrist at your earliest convenience.


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