Are You In Need Of A Do Not Disturb Sign For Your Cubicle

laptop and a busylight

It is estimated that an office worker is interrupted roughly every 3 minutes. That is a lot of wasted time in every working day and time is a businesses most valuable asset. Gone are the days of a plastic do not disturb sign for your cubicle, or a roughly scribbled back in 5 minutes sign stuck to your wall. No more need to stick your finger up to tell a colleague ‘1 minute please’, or putting a customer on hold for something much less important.


Interruptions are truly distracting. Ever been half way through filling out a document only to have a colleague come in and next second you have completely forgotten what you were doing with your paperwork so you have to start over. Wouldn’t it be insatiable to have a small device that lets people know, in the blink of an eye, that you are busy. Or even have the chance to glance across your office space and to know if a colleague is available without moving from your seat. The perfect do not disturb sign for your cubicle is here. With a colored busylight to indicate your availability. When you are available a solid green light will be displayed, a red light when you are busy, a yellow light to say you are away from your desk or a purple light when you simply want to be left alone.




With several options available there is one to fit any office situation. You have the standard option that will shine solid showing your availability or it will flash to show incoming calls, messages or even missed calls. There is a unit with illumination and sound which activates and also sounds when you have an incoming call or message, it also has adjustable volume control. You have a mini option for the smaller spaces or a wireless option allowing you to display your availability from afar without the need for messy cords cluttering up your office space. There is a do not disturb sign for your cubicle to suit everyone’s needs.


This handy little device can sync up to many of the popular chat apps like skype for business, and can also sync to Microsoft allowing for mapping of your workspace, making this the ultimate do not disturb sign for your cubicle. Mount it on your wall or on your monitor , whatever suits your needs. Your business alerts can also be programmed into it as well.


When you arrive at your office you can log in and book it to your desk so that anyone in your office space can see at any stage your exact location and what your availability is.


The do not disturb sign for your cubicle works brilliantly for the hearing impaired as well. With a big, bright red light making it impossible to miss , you will never miss an important phone call or message again.


With a do not disturb sign for your cubicle in the form of a handy little light, it keeps your mind on the task at hand. Whether it be a phone call from a client, or filling out all that important, time consuming paperwork you can give it 100% of your attention so you can give it your best performance. Time is money, but so is quality.


With the rapid change of how bossinesses are run, the office space is undergoing some rapid changes too. No more need for closed in offices. The time has come for open planned, fast paced and very versatile office spaces. This simple looking little light can help all workers in their day to day work. A simple light that makes for an almost stress free day.

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